Becoming A Santa by M Stevens

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Paperback (210mm x 147mm – A5) – ISBN:  978-1-913839-26-0

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After a disastrous Christmas Eve where Santa and his elf Roy only just managed to complete all their deliveries, he is now ready for retirement.  To do that he must find a replacement for himself who Roy can train up.  Can Roy get the person ready to work in the mall in the run up to Christmas and take on deliveries to the most notorious street in North America?
Well there is one, but he needs help when bundling into the wrong chimney.  He also needs a team who can pick up the pieces when his calamitous attempts to deliver gifts goes horribly wrong.

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1 review for Becoming A Santa by M Stevens

  1. Mark

    Did you think there was only one Santa Claus? And that he runs the show every year? Well, it turns out that there is a whole army of St Nicholas’ each taking a different part of the world to deliver to. The first of them, St Nick the Original is still there of course, but he doesn’t get out so much these days. Mrs Claus is the true brains of the operation and keeps all of the other St Nicholas’ and the elves on task.
    We join St Nick the 49th as a new recruit as he is put through a set of gruelling training sessions to get him ready for his very first Delivery Night (also known as Christmas Eve). He’ll have Roy, his elf, Miss Claus and Rudi, his reindeer, to help him through training and on Delivery Night. Maybe he’ll need a bit of extra support from a crack team of elves and perhaps everything will go really smoothly… but then again, perhaps not!

    A good first novel from this author and an interesting twist on what happens behind the scenes at Christmas. The training sessions and the undercover operation at the Mall in the run up for Christmas are fun, but nothing can prepare St Nick the 49th (or the reader) for the trials of Christmas Eve or the twist at the end.

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