Dance Your Way to Success by Olivia Beckford

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Reach Your Dream as a Professional Dancer

In her book, Olivia Beckford shows how with grit and determination anyone can achieve their goals. She went on to make her mark on the world’s stage, touring the world as a professional dancer.  This is what she has to say:
“Did I think I’d survive moving city all by myself to enter an industry I had no clue about? Not a chance.
You know, when you have a burning desire to do something, it usually replaces all feelings of doubt, fear and worry, the rest you will figure out as you go. Having a dream is one thing but setting out to achieve it is a whole other playing field. People dream about success every day but often don’t have what it takes to attain it.
This book gives you the good, the bad and the ugly glimpses of getting to my dream of a professional dancer. It will equip you with tools, advice and knowledge on things you may not have even thought about. You don’t have to be a dancer to get value from this book, so go ahead and try it.”

Paperback (A5 210 x 148 mm) – ISBN: 9781915657367

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Olivia Beckford is a successful and dynamic dancer from Manchester who has gone on to make her mark on the world’s stage. She has toured the world as a professional dancer, going to all the far-flung corners of the globe, and at the very young age of twenty-seven has now produced this very interesting and handy book.

In it, she describes her journey to the top of her game and gives useful and on-point advice to any would-be professional dancer.

She covers topics ranging from how to present yourself in auditions, to how to navigate the often choppy waters of the world of professional dance, how to stay on top of and ahead of your game, and how to do it with people still liking you in the end. And calling you back to give you more work!

This young author is savvy about life and is a driven, motivated go-getter who shows in this book what it means to achieve success – that it’s not just money and bookings but about a deeper appreciation of life, about strict discipline, emotional intelligence, and having a versatile approach to everything you do.

She knows how to use her energy to achieve all she has achieved, and that same energy and drive bounces off the pages of this fascinating book that is both a study of a person in place and time and a very motivational educational piece.

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