Dream Big: Stretch Your Boundaries by Councillor Sade Bright

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Paperback (229mm x 152mm) – ISBN:  978-1-910176-24-5

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The greatest pursuit for anyone is the ability to dream big and connect to their dreams with a clear vision. This book, ‘Dream Big: Stretch Your Boundaries’ is a subtle companion that will awaken your inner greatness so that success will manifest within and greatness will magnify through the prowess nature has bestowed to you. You will find in this book the key you have always craved for in your journey to freedom and rejuvenation. This book was carefully crafted to uplift and support your belief that you can achieve all you had considered impossible. It will allow you the strength to define who you wish to be and equip you with the required tools.

Get ready to tap into the abundance that God has set for you to live the life of your dreams. It is now your responsibility to claim it. Do not be caged by the difficulties you are going through, but rather, trust your abilities to turn things round by believing in yourself and knowing that you are a unique person whose purpose in life must be fulfilled. No-one else can present that which only you can give to the world.

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