How To Structure Your Book


Download our Free How to guide on Book Structure, helping you to get your book in to the correct structure and making sure you don’t leave out important information!

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We get a lot of people asking us how their book should be laid out, what is the order of things when it comes to the sections either side of the main text. Well, we have put together this How To guide to help you decide what goes where.

Some of the sections you will probably never use while others will be essential to your work. Don’t be worried that the list is so long, just pick those that are relevant to you and if you have any questions you know where we are…

The layout is broken down initially in the following way:

Front Matter – The pages at the beginning of the book before the text or body, we normally number these pages using roman numerals.

Text or Body – This is the main part of the book, your manuscript and will be traditionally numbered.

Back Matter – The pages at the end of the book that contain additional information such as references, appendices, glossaries and indices. These pages are normally numbered

Each of these initial stages are then broken down further in to the elements that you would recognise so please, feel free to download our guide.

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