Return to the Wild – Our Children Our Earth Book 2 by S. Narraidoo

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Paperback 229mm x 152mm (8″ x 5″) – ISBN: 9781913839703

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Return to the Wild is an extremely important journey into the worlds of children who are naturally driven to find joy in every little thing, and what we need to do to protect and strengthen this natural quality.

It is a recipe for a life full of wonder for children, parents, and other carers. To follow the recipe is to make invaluable contributions to saving this still beautiful planet because there is an inextricable relationship between how we raise children and the state of the planet. The joy that comes so naturally to children is born out of their wildness, which needs to be protected and harnessed because it stores their natural potential and talents.

Tamed, they are as if animals in zoos: frustrated, bored, passive, indolent, apathetic, and alienated. Without our natural talents, humanity cannot extricate itself from its current self-destructive mire. Raised in the mire, the outcome sees most blindly visiting the same upon our planet and humanity.

Return to the Wild contains everything anyone needs to know about not only what not to do but more importantly about what to do so that children can grow up to be truly amazing people who go on to make equally amazing contributions to the world.

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