Ink Stained Hands by Emma Judge

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Paperback (8” x 5”)  ISBN: 978-1-907629-12-9

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“You can’t absorb the story,” I heard a voice tease. “You’ve got to actually open your eyes.”

Lily Brown’s one of those sad quiet girls you see everyday. You know, the one who gets left out in the big “loving” family, the one who gets constantly taunted by others at school, so sometimes it’s just easier to shut the world out. But like every story, something has to happen, something has to change and sometimes it just takes one annoying teenage boy to turn everyone’s world upside down.

But maybe Lily Brown is not the girl everyone thought she was and maybe that annoying teenage boy wasn’t so annoying.

You considered my life so precious, that you’d completely change me into a better person.

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