My Road to Hell by Steve Denton


Paperback (203mm x 127mm) – ISBN: 9781915657534

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As a civilian, war is something you hear about on the news or watch at the cinema, unless you are involved in a military way or your way of life is suddenly disrupted by it, it doesn’t seem real.

I watched such a war on our local news and eventually I was involved in it. It was the Bosnian conflict and the siege of Sarajevo.

I drove as a civilian convoy driver for eight months, I soon discovered that war is real. During my time I saw the hardship, nastiness, death and destruction that such a conflict can cause.

But it was on my return home that my attitude and my mentality to war changed. The incidents and poems enclosed between these pages are visions that haunted me.

The writing of them helped to settle me down and was my closure.

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