Nemesis by David Brown


Paperback (210mm x 147mm) – ISBN:  978-1-907629-26-6

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Screams & shrieks echoed across the desolate Suffolk countryside. The grey & dripping November dawn had come and gone. The two children had left for nursery school and all had been quiet and peaceful until ten o clock had struck on the grandfather clock in the small hall of the cottage. It was the morning of Thursday 19th November 1963.

The pretty Hope Cottage at the base of Bell Hill stood quietly with its single companion as it had done for some 60 years. The lane climbed gently up the low hill to the Bell Inn; once the haunt of smugglers and now of members of CAMRA and lovers of real ale.

What was the cause of the commotion coming from the little grey cottage at the base of the hill? A passer-by entering the front gate and crossing the lawn to the left hand sitting room window would have witnessed a strange scene within.


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