Ouisa and the Big People by Liz Cass

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8” x 5” (203 x 127 mm) ISBN: 978-1-907629-35-8

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Ouisa, a timid little cat was born in France, where she lived very happily with her mother Natalie and brothers, Eric and Sam, in the garden shed of the big people.

She had no wish to venture further afield, even though her brothers left to go travelling; the outside world seemed a very scary place.

Ouisa s life changed drastically when the big man decided he needed her to keep the mouse population down on his farm a few miles away. She had very little time to say goodbye to her mother, before he stuffed her into a box in his van and she was driven away.

As she lay, tears streaming down her face, she wondered would she ever see her mother again? This was the beginning of a new life for Ouisa; she would soon learn what a scary but exciting place the outside world could be.

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