Stand By Ya Beds by Steve Woodward

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From around the 1950s to the mid-1980s, if you wanted to join the Police before the age of 18/19, it was possible. You could become a Police Cadet from 16 onwards. It didn’t give you any police powers but did provide you with a good insight into ‘the job’. You got the uniform and went out on patrol with regular officers and undertook attachments to every section within the force to see how each one worked.

But prior to all the excitement came 12 months of ‘character building’ at a residential establishment called Cadet Training School. This book looks back at those days within Hampshire. A time where self-discipline and physical fitness were key to that character building. Today it might be classed as institutional bullying, but most of us loved it……….except for the morning run, the constant uniform inspections, the walks across Dartmoor, punishment press-ups, bulling boots, the food, the blisters and making bed packs.

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  1. Shieldcrest

    Review by Ian Readhead, Deputy Chief Constable, Hampshire Constabulary.

    “Stand By Ya Beds” is far more than an account by the author, Steve Woodward, of his experiences as a Police Cadet in the Hampshire Constabulary. It represents an historical account of a period, which for many of us saw the transition from school to entry into the regular force. Whilst some who never undertook those three years, often commented that cadets failed to experience a wider life, Steve manages to capture the breadth of activities that welded cadets together on a physical, cultural, community and friendship basis. For those of us who were there, it will bring back great memories of early uniform life, especially at Bishops Waltham Cadet Training School. Not only the disciplined regime, police officer trainers and characters, but also the huge opportunities we were given to participate in other activities. These ranged from Further Education, Community Service, Duke of Edinburgh Award, Outward Bound, Brockenhurst Camp, swimming qualifications, Voluntary Service Overseas, sports of all types, rock climbing and police attachments. The list goes on, and it will refresh many memories for the reader. Unbelievably we actually got paid for doing this!

    Friendships and camaraderie were welded during this time, and for many have lasted to date. What is also interesting, is that most cadets stayed to perform thirty years’ service in the Hampshire Constabulary. As an investment, it secured regular staff who wanted the career of a Police Officer, not a transitional work experience which today sees so many leave the service after only a few years. At one stage, ex-Police Cadets represented 17% of the Force Establishment.

    This book will bring back wonderful memories and perhaps a few challenging ones to the reader. I enjoyed every page and laughed at many of Steve’s experiences which mirrored my own. In writing “Stand By Ya Beds”, Steve has authored a book which will bring much pleasure, and records an important period in the history of the Hampshire Constabulary.

    I salute him.

    Ian Readhead OBE, QPM, LL.B (Hons)

    Deputy Chief Constable

    Hampshire Constabulary

    1972 – 2008

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