The Long Short Walk by Steve Woodward

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It’s something we all dread; the knock at the door from a Traffic Cop.

We instantly fear the worst and for more than 3,000 families every year in Britain that fear sadly becomes a reality. The Police officer has come to deliver the news that their loved one has died in a road incident.

But what happens after they have been told? Does the Police officer simply walk away? Is the family left to fend for itself? Thankfully not. A small group of specially trained Police Family Liaison Officers (FLO s) do what most of us could never do. They guide the bereaved family through the entire process. From delivering the trauma message in the first place, to helping them through the ordeal of identifying their loved one at the mortuary, right through to the inquest or court case in 12 months time and everything in between.

PC Steve Woodward describes the journey the families embark upon as the biggest roller coaster ride of their lives with more highs and lows than you could ever possibly imagine.

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