Taking My Life Back by Sammy Sinclair

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A harrowing story from the author who suffered years of violent abuse before deciding to flee with her children while her husband continued to torment her.

(A5 – 210mm x 148mm) – ISBN: 9781915657398

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I was not just on the run from my awful life but also embarrassed by it.

How had this happened? How did it come to this? All I had done for Seth, and after all the bumps and bruises I had taken along the way without question and hidden whenever needed. Years dedicated to the children and the family, losing myself in the process of trying to create the perfect illusion of happiness. Disregarding a ridiculous number of red flags in the process to the point of being utterly oblivious to them.

I had felt as if some sinister force had been dabbling in my love life for its own amusement.  Little did I know that was not too far from the truth and fate had me heading straight towards finding it out …

All I wanted was to take back my love, take back myself, and divine intervention enabled me to take back my life……….

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