The Golden Chrysalis by Stan McMurtry

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For over 50 years Stan McMurtry has been known internationally as the famous MAC cartoonist, with the Daily Mail and Mail On Sunday.  He has been awarded ‘Cartoonist of the Year’ no less than six times and voted one of the ‘Men of the Year’ in 1983.  This is his debut thriller, having already written and illustrated children’s books.

Paperback (229mm x 152mm) – ISBN: 9781915657121

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Eddie Wheatley is a self-described ‘meek and mild’ man in his late thirties, who lives in the East End with his overbearing wife, Miriam and his dog, Rufus.  He works in a dead-end job for Miriam’s tyrannical father and his marriage is on the rocks.

The only time Eddie feels alive is when he takes Rufus for walks in the early morning hours, his only chance to escape from Miriam and the suffocating atmosphere at home.

But on one such walk, Eddie Wheatley stumbles across something that will change his life for ever.  He sees some men secretively unloading a truck in an alleyway where he has taken cover against the rain.

Little does Eddie know that what he witnessed there will turn his life upside down; it will put him and those he cares for in mortal danger and will make him question his very existence and what he believes to be right.

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