Happy Birthday!…You’re Diabetic by David Green

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Following a three year hotel catering course and a successful apprenticeship at the renowned Connaught Hotel, David Green was in the midst of a fervent chef career. However, on the day of his 25th  birthday something gate-crashed the party… the diagnosis of Type 1 Diabetes.

Follow the tumultuous journey of an insulin-dependent diabetic professional chef. Learn the challenges, understand the problems and live through all the highs and lows in maintaining day-to-day normality.

Accompanied by more than 70 recipes, all created by the author during his chef career spanning 30 years, beginning in London’s Mayfair to Canada, Wales, the Lake District, Norfolk coast and more.

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3 reviews for Happy Birthday!…You’re Diabetic by David Green

  1. Matt P

    This is a fascinating book reflecting a very personal journey. Living with type one diabetes while being a professional chef can’t be easy. In fact, it’s hard to imagine. However, David overcame obstacles to enjoy a very successful career and this book gives real insight into that journey. It’s also packed with information and recipes. Hopefully it also helps and inspires others in a similar situation. As David says himself, he’s living proof that anything is possible.

  2. William

    Its already hard to cook, although he is limited for ingredient, David shows us how diabetic people can cook delicious food. Instead of wasting money on cooking experiments, buy the book and save your time and money…

  3. Sybil D (verified owner)

    What an amazing journey David had coping with diabetes while following his career as a chef and still managing to keep up with his rigorous fitness regime walking, cycling and more. A fascinating biography and such appetising recipes for keen cooks to try at home. So enjoyed reading this book. Great value.

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