So Much More About God by The Venerable Prof. Sydney C. Ugwunna

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You will be glad reading Sydney’s ‘SO MUCH MORE ABOUT GOD’. Everybody who has read the draft, as I did, was happy they did. Sydney is a well loved scientist and theologian, whose vast experience in both fields has given him a deep knowledge about life, but in very humble ways. Thanks to the Shield Crest Publishers, England, Great Britain, who saw the need to publish ‘SO MUCH MORE ABOUT GOD’ in a beautifully packaged book form; and undertook its promotion and sales in all parts of the world. This book is a deeper and sincere expression of God’s love and purpose for each and every one of us, written in a simple and straightforward manner for everybody to read and understand.

‘SO MUCH MORE ABOUT GOD’ has been written in form of sermons, which were delivered by Venerable Sydney Ugwunna to parish churches in the Church of England, the Episcopal Church of the U.S.A., and the Anglican Church of Nigeria, where Ven. Sydney and his wife Esther served as parish ministers for many years. Many of the listeners in the parishes requested that the sermons be published. And so they are published in the following chapters.

I strongly and very sincerely recommend this book to both Christians and non-Christians everywhere.

By The Most Rev. Benjamin Nwankiti, D.D

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