‘Surrounded by Beauty’ by Quincy Mic Connell

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An insight into Mary Quant’s unique marketing using a converted bus which toured the world demonstrating the power of her beauty products on customers.

Paperback  (229 mm x 152 mm) – ISBN: 9781915657596

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25,000 make-ups were given worldwide, transforming pretty women into the most attractive on the planet, all from the interior of a London Routemaster bus!

This memoir, written by the driver Mic Connell chronicles the journey of the Mary Quant Beauty Bus across Europe and the Americas, through mountain ranges, deserts and at least one swamp.

Fifty years later, Mic Connell re-discovered the letters, press cuttings, progress reports and his personal journals from that era. Surrounded by Beauty is a fascinating historical record of those years on the road spreading the influence of Mary Quant’s revolutionary make-up brand.
Through literal and metaphorical highs and lows, Mic shines a light on all that happened on a London bus far from home.

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