Gill is a retired social worker and lives in a village in Wales with her husband, Dave and Border collie, Doro.

Her love of animals was derived from spending 35 years on a smallholding with her three children, dogs, cats, a herd of dairy goats, donkeys, horses, chickens, ducks and many more animals.

For many years she told stories to her children, foster children, then to her grandchildren, often with an element of truth in them. Cleverly, she would also try to include a learning and moral element in her stories.

Being in lockdown during 2020 gave her the time to commit her stories to print and get them published.

‘This book is intended to take advantage of children’s natural love of animals and some of the intelligent acts they perform.

Magic is based on a real goat called Magic who really seemed to have magic powers and help many people. Doro is our cheeky Border Collie. This is her story in her own words about her love for our old collie, Jet. The Adventurous Friends are a group of friends who make a discovery in a woodland and later save a young child’s life. The Pen Pals is the story of an inner city boy from London who visits his pen pal in a country village in Wales.

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The family enjoying the book.

Gill Wharmby
Tim Gibbons